Message to Representative Young on ESEA

Dear Don and Staff,

As a former teacher, I'm sure Representative Young understands very well the hard work educators do every day and the many challenges they face. One challenge that teachers and students should not have deal with is the massive burden of federal testing placed on them by ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

I am a first-year teacher in Ketchikan, and right now our schools are entering "testing season." I can already see my classroom teaching time draining away with these obligations that stress students out and diminish their time spent learning.

I know that Don and I (and the vast majority of Alaskans) believe that the federal government must be limited. Over the past several years I believe the federal government has far overstepped its bounds in education, and I hope Representative Young agrees. Please consider working toward lessening the burden of federal testing on our schools and other harmful effects of federal policy as the ESEA comes up for reauthorization.

Thank you!

Peter Stanton
Ketchikan, Alaska

I sent modified versions of this message to Senators Murkowski and Sullivan as well.