About TLA

Tlingit kootéeyaa
(totem pole) at UAS
Hello! My name is Peter Stanton. I began this blog in the summer of 2013 as a student at the University of Alaska Southeast enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program.

I grew up in the beautiful town of Ketchikan, Alaska, located in the south of Lingít Aaní—the homeland of the Tlingit people. To me, Lingít Aaní is a much more meaningful name for most of the region commonly known as Southeast Alaska, and I strive to bring Tlingit culture and local history into all of the teaching I do.

I graduated from Ketchikan High School in May, 2009 after spending five years in the building (eighth through twelfth grade). I received my undergraduate education in international studies and history at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. After graduating in May of 2013, I began the UAS MAT program and had the pleasure of student teaching at my hometown high school during the 2013-2014 school year.

I currently teach social studies and mathematics courses at an amazing half-day alternative high school program in Ketchikan called the Tribal Scholars Program. I also teach study hall classes at Ketchikan High School.

"Teaching in Lingít Aaní" is a blog all about education in Southeast Alaska. Please leave me comments with any questions or suggestions you have, or email me at pws.ktn.ak@gmail.com. Find me on Twitter too: @peterstantonGunalchéesh!

The header image on the main page of the blog is a photo I took in June 2016 while on the Tribal Scholars Summer Program expedition at Dàasaxakw ("Village Island"). Dàasaxakw is one of the historical homes of the Taant'a Ḵwáan (Tongass people).