Message to Senator Murkowski On Standardized Testing

Subject: Reduce Federal Testing

Dear Senator Murkowski and staff,

The costs of excessive standardized testing are immense: You can measure it in millions of dollars spent, thousands of educational hours lost to teachers, or thousands of hours of pain and drudgery inflicted on children.

The usefulness of all the "data" produced by these extra tests is underwhelming. How valuable is a student's "AMP" score to a teacher when they already assess their students' abilities constantly in the classroom?

Facing hours of standardized testing every year does not help Alaska's children. On the contrary, it robs them of time to prepare for the real world, and teaches the lesson that school is for measuring them, not educating them.

Please join with Alaska's teachers in opposing excessive standardized testing and reducing it to a prudent, humane level. I dream of a future where a 4th-grader or 7th-grader or 10th-grader might be able to attend a full year of school uninterrupted, spending every day in the classroom!

Thank you for seeking out teachers' thoughts and representing us in Congress. Atléin gunalchéesh!

Peter Stanton