First Days Subbing

Fridays the 13th and 20th were my first two days working as a substitute teacher—that is, my first days as the only teacher in a classroom. The days differed markedly, since I was subbing for two different teachers and had two totally different sets of classes: On the 13th, it was two classes of world history and then three of P.E. On the 20th, it was two classes of U.S. history, plus A.P. U.S. history, debate, and Alaska studies.

On the 13th I had a fun morning, as all my mentor teacher (Teacher X) had left for us to do in the world history was to play a bunch of review games, which I thought was very useful for them. Then in the P.E. classes I was a little out of my element, but it was interesting to see how different students took charge and told me what the regular procedures were, or just did them on their own.

On the 20th I had to start the school day an hour earlier, and I had to improvise a little when the wireless network wasn't working for my computer. My mentor teacher (Teacher Y) allowed me to create my own lesson for the U.S. history classes, but I had to stall for a while before I could access my Prezi. Once I accessed it, things went great. The other periods went well too, but I very much enjoyed leading the class in activities and discussion of my own creation.

On Monday the 23rd I got to continue what I started three days before, and this Friday (the 27th) I get to sub for the fourth time, again with a little leeway to do some activities of my own creation. I expect I'll share the lessons I've created sometime soon.