First Day at Kayhi—Freshman Orientation

Today I had my first day at Kayhi (Ketchikan High School) as a student teacher, helping with freshman orientation. I use the word "helping" broadly, since I came in as the assistant to a faculty mentor (my aunt, the French teacher) and she was pretty hands off, letting the four student mentors lead in interacting with their thirteen ninth-grade charges. I think the day went great, and the student mentors I observed (a sophomore, a junior, and two seniors) did very well. They had games planned, led a scavenger hunt, and will hopefully connect further with the thirteen freshmen they spent time with today, helping them integrate into high school and feel they have more friends there.

Perhaps the most important thing I did today wasn't my humble amount of helping with the activities, but rather my act of simply "being there." I showed my face, demonstrating my commitment to the school even when it wasn't required, and I talked with a good number of teachers, including one of my three mentor teachers and several teachers I knew from my own time as a student. Several welcomed me back to Kayhi and said they were glad I was there, and a few even congratulated me on my engagement. (I proposed to my wonderful girlfriend three days ago.) I also got to know at least a few of Kayhi's current students, and a few now are familiar with me. All in all, I am very glad I attended freshman orientation, and I'm really excited to begin student teaching soon.