Being "Anti-Racist," Not Just "Non-Racist"

our textbook for the multi-
cultural ed. course (source)
I've been taking a multicultural education course here at UAS, and I think one of the most important lessons to be learned is as follows:

It's not enough to be an educator who isn't racist.
We need educators who are anti-racist.

What this means is that merely not being prejudiced doesn't make much of a difference in students' lives. Schools need teachers who will actively fight prejudice, and inspire students to work for a society without racial privilege.

It's nice to have teachers who are good-natured and hold no ill will against anyone, least of all their students. Nevertheless, educators who just smile and ignore the presence of structural and institutional racism in our society are allowing the scourge to continue.

Regardless of subject, students need exposure to the reality of racism, whether its with statistics of inequality, literature on discrimination, or the history of oppression. When I was in high school, I thought I could be "color-blind." Now, thankfully, I've been dissuaded of those and other fallacies, and I'm ready to strive to be an anti-racist in the classroom.