Mini-Presentation on the Rise of Global Uniformities

my title slide
I just created a short and sweet Google Slides presentation about the historical concept of the rise of global uniformities, which I'll use with my Tribal Scholars world history students either tomorrow or the day after.

I've blogged about this concept before, discussing it in the context of my trip to Mexico a year and a half ago. I think I was pretty comprehensive in explaining the idea, and included examples from my trip, so I won't cover that ground again.

Here's the link to my presentation. Feel free to take a look and use it or adapt it, if you want. I tried to select four very different images from different regions of the world. I will ask my students to point out as many uniformities or possible uniformities shown by or even merely implied by the images. I hope they'll enjoy it and take off with applying this concept to their understanding of the world.