Creating "Teaching in Lingít Aaní"

Montana Creek (foreground)
and Mendenhall River
I created this site as part of a technology workshop today taught by Professor Jason Ohler in the University of Alaska Southeast Master of Arts in Teaching program. I chose Blogger as my platform since I've written a personal blog using it for years. I did, however, decide to try out Blogger's dynamic views, which I've never tried before.

This was our fifth day of classes, and so far we have focused on getting introduced to the program and learning about inclusive education for students with disabilities or special needs. We've also observed a culture camp for high schoolers here on the UAS campus, which has made some cool field trips like one to the confluence of Montana Creek and the Mendenhall River (see right).

I expect that this blog portion of Teaching in Lingít Aaní will see regular posts about my day-to-day activities related to my graduate coursework and to my student teaching at Ketchikan High School, which will begin this August. Most of the tabs at the top of the site will address the particular assignments I receive from my technology course that will start in September. Slowly but steadily I am beginning my path toward becoming an educator. I can't wait for what's ahead.